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Lathe- and table-mounted abrasive belt grinding machines

Superfinishing of surfaces
Finishing without any problems

For efficient grinding of heavy and heaviest workpieces, steel rolls for rolling plants, cold rolling plants, copper-, rubber-, wood-, jute-, cotton- and paper rolls, as well as all kinds of turned parts of smaller sizes.

The machines will be mounted at the backside of the support and can remain there, independant from the normal turning work.

These units are developped from the practical experience and are indispensable for turners, tool makers a.s.o.

Theses grinding- and polishing machines enables you to achieve optimal results by grinding-, polishing - and superfinishing works within a minimum of time.

By a special method of contact you will achieve an accurate and homogeneous surface, without filing by hand.

These unite are suitable for metal workers, tool makers a.s.o. to burr, to break edges and for other different grinding works of smaller and medium-sized workpieces.

Use at the lathe

Use at the workbench


  • Saving of time up to 80%
  • Quick change of abrasive belts
  • Abrasive belts up to 100 mm width
  • Three different possibilities of use:
    • lathe-mounted abrasive belt machines
    • table-mounted abrasive belt machines
    • flat-grinding abrasive belt machines
  • Very low consumption of abrasive belts.
  • Using the belts till the last grain
  • Easy chip removal uo to 0.3mm
  • Robust construction
Technical datas
Type B S 600/II
Swing up to 300mm
Type B S 900/II
Swing over 300mm
Width of belt: 5 bis 100mm Width of belt: 5 bis 100mm
Length of belt: 1650mm Length of belt: 2300mm
Capacity of motor: 3kW - 220/380Volt Capacity of motor: 3kW - 220/380Volt
Weight: ca. 25kg Weight: ca. 27kg
Length of the arm: 600mm Length of the arm: 900mm

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